Erich Schmidt | User Experience Designer | The Beer Judge -Mobile App
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The Beer Judge -Mobile App

About This Project

The Beer Judge is a mobile application to allow users to create a record of beer they are drinking with very little typing. My goal was to make it easy to create descriptions and a record of great (or awful) beers on the fly using mostly your thumb. As a BJCP-trained beer judge, I know what information users need to collect, and make it quick and easy in an organized, logical manner. Strong key colors are used for each of the sections for clarity: Golden-orange for aroma, zinc-chromate green for flavor, and burgundy-mauve representing appearance.

This application divides judging beer into three categories: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance. After creating a new beer (with or without all the supporting technical data beer geeks love), a user simply taps on tiles of the characteristics they perceive, and set a simple slider for the value of each. For example: low to high; cloudy to clear; faint to strong.

When the user is satisfied with all their sensory notes and the beer is saved, a report is generated with graphical representations of the sensory information, as well as a written “review” of the beer. The review verbiage is generated based on all the criteria and values selected. This review can be exported or shared on social media. Using this app, anyone can write a beer review like a pro.


Concept Design; User flow and interaction; UI design

UI/UX Design, Prototypying, Personal Work