Erich Schmidt | User Experience Designer | WeatherBug – iOS & android Mobile App
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WeatherBug – iOS & android Mobile App

About This Project

WeatherBug® by xAd, Inc., is a premier free weather applications for both iOS and android phones and tablets. WeatherBug provides local weather forecasts, radar maps, and severe storm alerts, powered by the largest professional weather network in the world. WeatherBug® delivers the fastest alerts and the best real-time forecasts to over 10+ million users on iOS & android phones, tablets, and desktop platforms. WeatherBug® is consistently rated at ~4.8 in the app store and google play; and regularly positioned at between #1 to #3 on iOS for the category of free weather applications.

As Senior UX Designer I am responsible for all UX/UI/Design aspects of the application and user experience. I work intimately with Product Management to help define new features and project scope to ensure a high-quality experience for our users. This includes prototyping and testing new features and interactions; ongoing competitive analysis of competitor apps; analyzing user feedback to continuously refine and improve the app experience.

I am responsible for creating all user flows, wireframes, visual designs, mockups, high-fidelity prototypes and production-ready assets for every release. In addition to design functions, I work with the iOS and android developer teams to clarify interactions and ensure user-centered design principles stay true thru production, and occasionally make adjustments to features or designs to meet schedule. One of the engineering challenges is balancing legacy code code complexities with a new implementation methodologies, while still delivering a delightful user experience. I often brainstorm with developers to find effective solutions to these problems.

In addition, I create all production-ready assets, redlines and specification documentation for the developers; flows, documentation, and guidance for QA on a regular basis.


User Testing • Feature Definition • Wire Framing• User Stories • User Flows • Prototyping • Visual Design • Design Specifications & Documentation • Asset Creation

UI/UX Design