Erich Schmidt | User Experience Designer | Wiring Wizard – Tablet App
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Wiring Wizard – Tablet App

About This Project

This phone gap iPad application was intended to assist Cisco partner installers of the IX5000 TelePresence system to properly wire all the components, shorten installation time, while reducing errors to near zero. The entire system ships on 7 pallets of hardware. The Wiring Wizard application is configured at launch with all the specified installation options for the system being installed that day. The installer is guided step-by-step thru each sequence, with a combination of written instructions and a sequence of images and/or video clips to illustrate each step.

I created a user flow, visual designs using the then-current Cisco “Futurama” design styles, screen mockups, and a high fidelity Axure prototype.

UI/UX Design, Prototypying